How did we rev up dealer merchandising for a power equipment brand?
How did we increase visibility for a leading brand of lighting controls?
Mitsubishi Electric
How did we enhance the dealer climate for a major HVAC manufacturer?
How did we open new opportunities for a major window company?
How did we help to heat up B-to-B Sales for a major appliance brand?

The Buzz

In-store sales promotions not only increase sales, they can expose a weak sales force!

Sales Reps

Most manufacturers are already aware that a well-designed sales promotion can be very effective at increasing sales.


Dealers, distributors, specifying engineers and architects all need training … so, drive it to them!

Sales Reps

If your company’s largest customers and powerful influencers won’t come to you, hit the road and take your story to them!

Are your sales reps really selling your products?

Sales Reps

Many companies that use sales reps to sell their products feel that there is no reason to provide them with additional incentives.