How did we rev up dealer merchandising for a power equipment brand?
How did we increase visibility for a leading brand of lighting controls?
Mitsubishi Electric
How did we enhance the dealer climate for a major HVAC manufacturer?
How did we open new opportunities for a major window company?
How did we help to heat up B-to-B Sales for a major appliance brand?

The Buzz

How do you tell contractors about a new product? Well, you start by dropping your trade ads!

Sales Reps

Every manufacturer in the building materials industry tries to convince contractors that their new product is the best solution, and many manufacturers still use trade advertising to do it.


Carving out space in a multi-line environment.

Sales Reps

95% of manufacturers operate in a multi-line sales environment. Whether it’s at retail, a box store, a distributor showroom, or a dealers’ sales floor, everybody has competition at the point of sale.

In-store sales promotions not only increase sales, they can expose a weak sales force!

Sales Reps

Most manufacturers are already aware that a well-designed sales promotion can be very effective at increasing sales.