Independent flooring dealers have historically been weak in developing ads and marketing materials that promote the manufacturers brand and brand message. So D&S developed an online marketing program for Somerset that allowed their dealers to create their own brand-approved marketing materials. Ads, posters, banners, direct mail cards, billboards, and other materials can be created and ordered by dealers in minutes.

  • Somerset 1
    Fast, intuitive online program allows dealers to create the marketing materials they need in minutes.
  • Somerset 2
    Dealers can select the images, copy and special offers they want in their ads. When ads are completed, they can be emailed to local newspapers.
  • Somerset 3
    Banners and posters can be created and ordered online. Billboard files can be sent directly to billboard companies.
  • Somerset 4
    Direct mail cards and door hangers can be created and ordered online and custom mailing lists can be created to target specific markets.